Android App Development

Android App Development

Android Development Overview

Android Development App depends on Java idiom thus within the event that you just have an essential comprehension of Java then it’ll be gratifying to be told robot advancement.

There area unit near 82 percent market share Android-powered devices as of 2018, and for quite two hundred million Indians robot is that the primary platform for consumption of content.

From social and correspondence applications like Whatsapp, Instagram and Snapchat to utilities like Uber, Swiggy, and Paytm, mechanism empower organizations to wish into thought their customer.

Android provides completely different highlights like pleasant UI, network, informing, media bolster, repositing.

Android Development


Why Android Development?

During the course of automaton mobile app development coaching, students learn the thanks to figuring in Associate in Nursing automaton Studio based development atmosphere.

The automaton development course teaches them the distinctive automaton OS style, interface development, how to set up own applications in the automation marketplace.

This automaton employment will facilitate take you’re taking your development skills to a replacement level. the actual fact that automaton is usually growing means that once you learn the elemental ideas and principles, your ability set will grow right along with it.


Google & Digiguru Android Certification Course


Google Android Overview

What is Android Operating System?
What is the use of Android?
What we can create with Android
How to use Android

Duration: 2 Hours

Android Architecture

What is System architecture of Android Operating System?
Activities in Android Operating System
What are the Components of Android Operating System
What is Manifest Android Operating System

Duration: 2 Hours

Started Working With Android Development Tools of Android OS

How to Install Android Development Tools (ADT)
Ways of Creating Android projects
How to Define Devices, Emulator, and Images in Android

Duration: 8 Hours

User Interfaces in Android

Layouts of Android Operating System
Accessing of widgets in Activities
How to View interaction Layouts

Duration: 8 Hours

Development of different screen sizes in Android OS

Defining Screen sizes and Densities in Android
Device independent pixel (DP) Implementation
Relation and Converting between pixels and do in Android

Duration: 2 Hours

Google Android Application Development Course Modules and Details

Implementation and Development of Intents and Activity Communication
Implementation and Development of Intents
Implementation and Development of Intent Filter
Defining Activities in Android OS
Implementation and Development of Activity stack in Android

Duration: 4 Hours


ActionBar in Google Android OS

Difference Between ActionBar & OptionMenu
Working with ActionBar & OptionMenu
How to Define and create an Action Bar menu
Defining a Different Kind of Custom Views in the ActionBar
Working with Contextual action mode

Styling and Themes options in Android

Creating Styling of Views
How to Use Themes for styling Activities and more
How to Extend Android themes (Holo) Interesting Topic of Android Course

Duration: 2 Hours

What is List Views and List Activity in Android

Start working with List Activity
How to Define List Adapter in Android
Performance Optimization (very important to check the performance of your app)

Duration: 2 Hours

Start Working With App Development Course

Let’s Start with File-based Persistence

Main Preferences in Android
How to Implement File and Access restrictions
What are Permissions and How to implement it?

Duration: 2 Hours

Let’s start with next topic of Android App Development Course

Security Implementation in Android
What are the main concepts of Androids securities
What are Permissions and How to implement them?
Best ways of Permissions

Duration: 2 Hours

Network Communication

What is Apache HTTP Client
What is REST and How to work with it?
What is JSON and How to use it in Android
What is XML Language and What is it’s used in Android

Duration: 2 Hours

Asynchronous Processing in Android

Development and Implementation of Multitasking Process
Working with User Interface Updates via Threads
How to Use Handler for message communication
How to use AsyncTask in Android Operating System

Duration: 2 Hours

Let’s get begin operating With SQLite and Content supplier

What is SQLite information in humanoid OS
Using the SQLite information
Using and process ContentProvider
Outlook: process Loader and operating with it

Duration: 2 Hours

Use Services in Android OS

Learn Android System Services, AlertManager, VibratorManager, and more
Outlook: What is the Definition of own Services in Android

Duration: 6 Hours

Google Android’s Broadcast Receiver

What Broadcast Receiver Exactly is?
How to Register your own Broadcast Receiver

Duration: 6 Hours

Notification Manager in Android Operating System

What Notification Manager Exactly is?
What is Notification Builder
How to Work with Rich Notifications

Duration: 6 Hours

Using Canvas API for custom Views

How to best Define custom Views
What is Canvas API and How to implement it?
What is View state persistence and how to work with it?

Duration: 6 Hours

Location services and Google Maps

What are Location-based Services
What are Google Maps and How to use them?
Let’s get started with Map Overlays
What is Geocoding / Reverse Geocoding why it’s important in Google Apps
What is Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding
Using GPS, Wifi, …

Duration: 6 Hours

Google Android Certification Course

Creating Homescreen Widgets

Difference Between Remote Views and Pending Intents and How to work with them?
fixed time interval Updates
Services Updates

Duration: 2 Hours

Android Sensors – Very Important

Accelerometer Remote Views and Pending Intents
Use of Orientation in Android OS
Use of Camera in Android OS

Duration: 2 Hours

Started Working With Android

Audio and Video Implementation

Playing and recording audio in Android while developing apps and games
Playing and recording video in apps and games Development

Duration: 8 Hours

Build Management in Android OS

What is Apache Ant?
What is Maven?

Duration: 8 Hours

Google Android Certification Course

Professional Testing

Overview of Android testing
How to Test an Android Project Update with a fixed time interval
Using Robotium in Android
Using Robolectric in Android

Duration: 2 Hours

Targeting Tablets and Smartphones Via Android

Overview of Fragments
Multi-Pane Layouts with Fragments
Designing layouts for tablets and phones in Android

Duration: 2 Hours

Deployment process in Android

What kind of Deployment Options we have
Markets for Applications and Games like Google Play store and Amazon)

Duration: 4 Hours

Why DigiGuruInc?

Our Android development courses in Delhi is made inconsistency to current IT trade. we offer the best in Delhi covering whole course modules amid the Android categories. Over the span of humanoid versatile application improvement making ready, understudies discover a way to add associate degree humanoid Studio based mostly advancement condition. The humanoid improvement course shows them the outstanding humanoid OS engineering, GUI advancement, a way to setup claim applications within the humanoid business center. This humanoid making ready can facilitate take you’re taking your improvement skills to a different level. We Have More Other Courses Available For You