website planning creation

Website Planning and Creation

Through this workshop we will learn how to design  and plan a corporate website.


Introduction to Website Types


Know about website classification based on purpose

  • Corporate Website
  • Ecommerce Website
  • Informative Website
  • Social Media Website
  • Personal Website

Corporate Website

A website that talks about a specific business or a company with., It’s  Deliverables, Team and Contact Information is called Corporate Website


A website that sells products or services online to its consumers


A website that combines and presents  information from different sources. Its  basically a repository of information.

Types :

  • Classified Portals
  • Education Portals
  • News Portals
  • Industry Specific Portals
  • Job Portal

A website that allows electronic communication between online communities.



A website that focuses on an individual, generally created as a portfolio of  work and for resume purpose.

Understand essential terms related to websites-Static Vs Dynamic Website-Responsive Web Design-Content Management System-Domain-Hosting



  • Each Page is dynamically generated as per the information stored in database
  • Offers greater Functionality with features like CMS

Advantages of dynamic websites

-Much easier to update

-Content & SEO friendly

Disadvantages of dynamic websites

-Expensive to develop

Takes longer time to develop

Responsive web design is an approach taken to create websites that are more  device friendly and provide optimum viewing experience in any device.

A web content management system is a backend/software developed specially for those  people who have limited programming knowledge it helps users to create & manage web  content easily.



  • Easy to develop websites
  • Multiple themes available
  • Plugins for Custom requirements


  • Design & Functionality
  • Modification requires
  • Technical expertise

A name that is used to identify and reach your  website. Each domain is associated with IP address  of server where your web pages are stored.

Domain Choosing Tips :

1. Use something related to your business/Industry

2. Use something that’s not too generic

3. Use something that is easy to type & remember

4. Avoid Copyright terms

5. Avoid Hyphen & Numbers

Choose whenever possible

Web hosting is a service that allows  organizations and individuals to post a website  or web page on to the Internet from your local  machine.

Shared Hosting:

In a shared hosting environment, your and other  website owners shared one server. Shared hosting  services are affordable

Dedicated Hosting:

In a dedicated hosting environment, you have  the entire web server to yourself. This allows  for faster performance. Costs are high.

Collocated Hosting:

In this type of hosting, you will purchase  your own server and have it housed at a  web host’s facilities. Used when data  security is critical..

A website wireframe is a visual guide or blueprint created for arranging the essential  web page elements

A website navigation is a roadmap for  reaching to different information  available on your website.

1.  Global Navigation Area

2. Content Area

3. Sidebar